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Industrial water treatment relies on a variety of instrumentation to ensure efficient and effective water purification. Here are some key instruments used in Industrial water treatment and service by LINOH2O:

  1. Technology for Impurity Removal:

  2. Water Quality Testing Instruments:

    • These instruments help monitor and maintain water quality throughout the treatment process.

    • Examples include:

      • Ultrasonic level transmitters for tank level measurement.

      • Magnetic flow meters for flow measurement.

      • Pressure transmitters for pressure monitoring.

      • Annubar® averaging pitot tubes for aeration flow monitoring.

      • Sludge density monitors for automatic desludging control.

      • Non-contacting radar level sensors for clarifiers.

      • Differential pressure transmitters for filter backwash control.

  3. Automation and Control:

    • Programmable pump controllers automate pump operation.

    • Flow controllers regulate flow rates.

    • Level controllers maintain optimal tank levels.

    • Smart Meter Verification ensures accurate flow measurements.

  4. Process Optimization:

    • Instruments help optimize treatment processes, reduce energy consumption, and enhance overall efficiency.

    • Regular calibration and maintenance are essential for reliable performance.

Effective instrumentation is critical for achieving environmental compliance and protecting our water resources.

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