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Municipal wastewater treatment is a critical process that ensures the safe and effective management of sewage and industrial effluents. Instrumentation plays a vital role in monitoring and controlling various aspects of wastewater treatment plants. Here are some key instrumentations used in this Municipal wastewater treatment and serviced by LINOH2O:

  1. Flow Measurement:

    • Ultrasonic Level Transmitters (e.g., 3100 Ultrasonic): These devices measure liquid levels in tanks, channels, and pipes. They are commonly used for flow control, especially in headworks and aeration lanes.

    • Magnetic Flow Meters (e.g., 8700): These meters accurately measure flow rates in full pipes and can be equipped with Smart Meter Verification and diagnostics.

    • Annubar® Averaging Pitot Tubes (e.g., 485): Useful for aeration flow monitoring.

    • Orifice Plates (e.g., 405 Compact): Used for flow measurement.

  2. Screen Control:

    • Ultrasonic Level Transmitters (e.g., 3100) and Differential Level Controllers (e.g., 3492): Automate screen rake systems for efficient debris removal.

  3. Sludge Management:

    • Sludge Density Monitors (e.g., MSM400): Monitor sludge density for automatic desludging control.

    • Fixed Sludge Interface Level Sensors (e.g., 433): Monitor final and secondary settlement tanks.

    • Pressure Transmitters (e.g., 2051): Measure air pressure in dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems.

  4. Tertiary Treatment:

    • Level Measurement:

      • Ultrasonic Level Transmitters (e.g., 3100) and Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters (e.g., 9700): Used for level control.

      • Non-Contacting Radar Level Sensors (e.g., 5400): Ideal for primary and secondary clarifiers.

    • Backwash Control:

      • Differential Pressure Transmitters: Monitor head loss across sand filters.

    • Final Effluent Discharge Monitoring:

      • Ultrasonic Level Transmitters (e.g., 3100) and Flow Controllers (e.g., 3493): Monitor effluent levels.

      • Magnetic Flow Meters (e.g., 8700): Verify flow rates.

Municipal wastewater treatment plays a vital role in safeguarding our water sources, protecting public health, and maintaining ecological balance. 

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